Online Resume Aka CV Does it Look okay?

Hi all,

I am just wondering if my online CV Looks okay? I am just curious as to what improvements i can do and what i can do to get some more chances of getting work in website development here in new zealand i have noticed there are not many jobs going on in my town most of them are located outside eg wellington and other cities but not sure why i am still getting the job.

I had a last question from my last job interview they asked me “Why did i apply for the job” What kind of Question is that when i contacted them several months before and they told me they will contact me if there i am aviable for work and they did

What am i doing wrong they asked me a question about my sick days on my cv and asked if it was true or not and it is

Here it is,


The design is very clean and I’m a big fan of the increased size in font. A CV needs to be as readable as possible and as relevant as possible.

I’d focus the Profile section more on what role you are looking for and what you’re good at. If you can differentiate yourself from the crowd even better. You’d be surprised how hard it is to find a PHP developer that unit tests their code, or a front-end developer that knows anything about source control. I’ve mentioned my views on the sick day notice at the bottom of this post.

You need to show more than three skills on your CV. The way I’ve done it is to list a number of skills that you have, with a brief description and an indicator of how good you are with them in a tidy table. For example, my skills with source control and C# are intermediate and my ability with HTML/CSS is advanced. However, my skills with Subversion are novice.

I would limit your experience to only your current job with a lot of explanation into what you know and what you’ve done. If possible, limit your outside work experience to a few paragraphs at the bottom, with a small reference in experience that you have worked in other industries. Again, to keep relevant ditch the Primary School part.

Finally, I would think twice about putting the phone numbers of references on a web page. If someone is interested in hiring you then they won’t change their mind because they need to ask you for your references. The last thing you want to do is to annoy your references because their number has been signed up to some autodialler scam because a bot found it on your page. I’d go as far as to remove references entirely and say that personal and professional references are available on request.

Typical interviewer crap. I’ve recently done some interviewing myself and quite frankly we’re looking to fill up the time.

Unsurprisingly, interviews are a terrible way to judge whether someone would be good in a job or not, so we look for best practices. Often, we can find someone who can code well by giving them a set of exercises and seeing how they perform, but it’s near impossible to see whether the guy or girl you hire will be a good fit with the company. You could hire a rockstar developer who can code you a XSLT framework in a day, but gets frustrated when he has to work until 5 on Friday because “he works better at night”.

The best advice I can give is to just play the game.

Again, just looking to fill up the time.

To be frank, I wouldn’t add any of that stuff about sick days. It’s like being a Nanny that states “Zero fatalities” on his/her CV. Either way, this is something that a reference would clear up.

That’s a nice looking resume. I like the colors, very subtle. It doesn’t overwhelm the reader nor eat up the content.

The fonts are okay too. Although I would have like to have your name bigger and bolder to emphasize you rather than your title.

I like the layout.

Re-check the data on your Secondary School.
About your references (I agree with everything Ultimate says about them), I would like to add that since you have some work references to not give the ‘friend’ references. Not work related references may be useful for someone without any experience, but I personally would give more credit to what your former boss has to say than the opinion of one of your friends. Even (or maybe even more so :wink: ) if he is a Lawyer.

The rest has already been said.

sorry for late response i am not on speaking terms with my old boss as i am no longer working with them as they think i orginally was too slow and that it took me awhile to work with flash as3 workign with there framework for the flash games they are developing.


Drop the reference page from your resume and change it to “provided upon request”.

Companies should always ask you for names when things get to that stage giving you a chance to inform the people on your list. If someone calls me cold for a reference I won’t respond… It’s not fair to me and who knows why the call is actually happening.

Not to mention, if I knew someone was handing out my phone number like water, well you can guess how the reference call would go.

That said, it’s never good to fall out of speaking terms with an employer but if you have other, preferably senior, coworkers from the company they can stand in as references. People like to talk to the “boss” but bosses aren’t always around, or even at the same company and IMO, reference checks are overrated unless you’re connected already [who can’t find one person per company to vouch for them].

i will tell a little abit of background on the projects and the company i was working on

the company i was working with was called cerebral fix and they were located with stickmen studios i only communicate with every few of my wco-workers with cerebralfix my supervisior under my boss was almost never around he normally comes in around about midday and most of the time when i need to work on a certain feature no one could help me as they have never worked with flash nor the part of a framework.

they finally let me go and suggested i headed to a university to study flash and actionscript 3 abit more i was only contracted to 30 hours but ended up doing an extra 5 hours on the week i have not spoken to my boss nor supervisor i’'ve always wanted a reference asked 4 times but they never have given me one.

I have some other references but not industry related.