Please critique my resume

Hi guys,

I am going to be graduating from University soon and currently going through the job search process. Was wondering if you guys could provide some constructive criticism of my current resume:

As you can see, a lot of my experience is from projects that I worked on in my own time (see page 2). Do you guys think I should move this to the front page, or should I leave that for the “real” experience?


You might want to put headers for each section. One for “Work Experience” and another for “Projects”

It also might be good to include what languages and software you have experience with.

Good call on separating projects. I think I will do that.

I used to have a section called “Technical Skills” but removed it. Do you think listing off languages/technologies seems tacky?

you have to maintain a good table format for every section. Take care of the font size.

I wouldn’t think so. Your resume is about a summary listing of your skills and experience. Most programming-related jobs I see listed request specific languages for the job, and some list skills/languages that would be “nice to have”.

A lot of folks who do read resumes don’t usually spend a lot of time with them. So, the easier it is to read at a glance and get the information HR or employers are looking for, the better chance you have to land in the “call back for follow-up” pile.

Just as an observation, more than anything.

If I were an employer, I’d be intrigued as to why, with such a resume, you need a job at all. You mention that you’ve explored website revenue etc, and yet you have claim to some impressive user statistics. If both were accurate, surely you would be earning a lot from those websites alone?

This is far from a criticism, because your resume is a good one; I should also mention that I have no experience in either side of employing or employee from computer companies. It’s just something for you to think over, really :slight_smile:

Add personal data: date if birth, marital status, children, personal qualifications

Do people really put marital status and children on their resume??

Certainly not for a programming position.

Acting, health care, or day care, maybe…

Generally, the only pieces of personal information you really need are your name, phone number and email address. Anything else, an employer really doesn’t need to see on a resume.