One Man Ad Agency?

They say “necessity is the Mother of invention.” I am tired of having to rely on others to make a living. It’s time break out of my self hindering mental prism. I have the skills to perform several duties in the advertising world. At least I believe I do. I can write copy if I have to. I have the graphics down. I show talent in digital photography. I want to learn video.

So here is my question: Is it possible to start my own one man Ad Agency? Do people do it? I remember one man who did it years ago. I an always start out a one man show and then hire talent later on.

All I have to do is find good paying clients who I won’t let down.

What do you think? Is it a dream that is possible? :goof:

anything’s possible Another Designer when you believe in urself and your skillset; if you want something bad enough you’ll make it happen, so go for it! :tup:

I find I need to remind myself this all the time, but almost all these big companies you see today had a start somewhere - like a garage or basement - and grew from 1 or 2 guys into the mega-corps you see today so there’s no reason you couldn’t do this yourself.

(Must’ve been the tv piece I saw on how Starbucks got their start that has me thinking about this now. Did you know it was years before they ever sold a brewed cup of coffee in their stores?)

That said, I don’t think too much of traditional ad agencies because there’s nothing in the image type advertising they produce that holds them accountable for the results they produce - and I’m sure that’s just they way they like it because then it’s not their fault if a client spends 10k on a tv spot and doesn’t increase their income one bit.

So if you’re going to do anything for local business owners, I’d only encourage you to try to help produce real results for them and not just pretty things that make them oooohhh and ahhhh :smiley:


P.S. I think video is great and you could easily learn to produce short videos for a business website, or put together your own community website to showcase local businesses. Plus compared to web design, video is one thing that not everyone and their cousin is doing and you really can’t outsource all that well :slight_smile:

It’s never too late to start anything if you have the the confidence in yourself. All you have to do is Trust. Give a self deadline that by this time I have to achieve this target and make plans how to go about it especially the hard ones. That way it will be easier to attain your goals.

believe in your self, work hard and don’t give up with them three thing you can get do any thing you dream, trust me I have seen people achieve thing which I never thought would be possible for them.

Good Luck

Being let down seems to be an industry
norm so if you can prevent that from happening
then you’ll do well …heck, we would hire you.

Finding people that know what they’re doing and
then actually do as they say in the creative
field is a rare gem.

I’m always a amazed at how many business
partnerships we’ve had go south not because
we bailed out but because we threw too much
businesss at people.

Graphic designers are the worst from my experience.
You finally find one that fits your style, you keep
pumping work at them and then they just seem
to disappear …like they just don’t feel like working
on your stuff any longer. It’s like they get bored.