Choosing an Ad Size... Is it the Right Time?


Well, I’m happy to say that following a lot of the advice from my last thread, I’ve slowly scraped out a much better cash situation for my business. Freed up a lot of time and stress, and have decent money coming in.

So I was seriously considering to put some of my business’s new-found savings toward advertising. Up until now, all of my incoming work has been from consistent referrals and going door-to-door making meetings with ad agencies and others. I’d like to see if a well-placed advertisement could multiply my effort.

I do photography of architecture and interior designs. In Trinidad there is a “source book” of resources specific to that industry published annually, sort of like a yellow pages of contractors, material suppliers, photographers, etc. so I think an ad in there would be well-targeted for the work I’m trying to get.

So here’s the problem. Their ads are pricey.

So my question is, is there any realistic value in opting for a larger, but more expensive, ad size over a smaller one? Like in your experiences, would any of you consider it worth it?

OR, is this not the right time to advertise, and I should stick to doing door-to-door for now. How do you decide when is the right time?

Update: I figured to just go for it, but with a smaller size, seeing as I’m testing the waters. Man, I hope this works.