Oh man . . . who came up with this site design?

And why can’t I skin it back to the original? You had such an excellent color scheme when I last showed up here, and now the colors on the site look like :x. The whole layout blows! What do you have against orange? blue? I always liked Sitepoint’s logos. This kind of reminds me of the colors you’d see in a psychiatric hospital. I once volunteered in one and the beige was freakin endless (and we of course had to wear our white uniforms) :lol:


Ah well, you won’t have to look at this layout for much longer. We are shorty transitioning to a new platform, called Discourse, which will be a completely different look, layout and functionality.

Is there any word on how soon?

I’m not sure if there’s an exact word, but if you take “fairly” and “very”, mix them together and divide them by 2, you’ll probably get close. :smiley:

There are a few more things to sort out, including migrating data, but I believe it’s fairly/very close. :slight_smile:


You know, when the move to Discourse was first decided, I wondered if I’d manage to reach 5,000 posts before it took place…:)[/ot]


Yeah, I was wondering if I’d reach 6000. :-/[/ot]

Hey Ralph . . . I really hope Sitepoint’s original color schemes are – if not a default – an option by skin. I work a lot with graphics, and I’d bet thousands of other Sitepoint members like me relate to websites we frequent first by their iconic color schemes. AT&T, you think immediately of that blue beehive thing. You have an excellent logo Ralph. So just vote me in for the original Sitepoint color scheme and the White, Blue & Orange logo standing sentry over each of the forums.

In fact . . . I just want the old layout back completely!! :eyes:


Have you been to https://meta.discourse.org/ ?

Heh, you haven’t been around for a while huh?
We fully rebranded last year, so the main site looks like this now.

Our new Discourse skin will be in keeping with that, but no, you won’t be able to theme it yourself as Discourse doesn’t work like that.

In good news, the content will be great and the people rock. :wink:

Although you can set up your own user styles in your browser, but that’s quite a labor of love … which you wouldn’t want to have to do for too many sites. :smiley: I used to do it for thee forums, but let it go recently.

Grasshopper 1 Hawk . . .
Grasshopper 290,463 (Semicolon) agree that experience on forum most excellent even if site colors blow and young pupa like me think I am on Google ha ha (color more blow because Google set trend everyone site blow now very scary). :shifty:


Can I get a translator over here please? :wink:

Grasshopper 1 Hawk. . .
Troellwr 290,463 (Gwahannod) cytuno profiad hwnnw ar y fforwm mwyaf ardderchog hyd yn oed os liwiau safle chwythu a chwiler ifanc fel fi yn meddwl fy mod ar ha ha Google (lliw mwy o ergyd gan fod tuedd Google set ergyd safle pawb nawr yn frawychus iawn).


Somehow, I don’t think a translation into Welsh was quite what HAWK had in mind. :wink: Perhaps she should have specified she’d like it translated into English. :slight_smile:

I’m just thinking that Grasshopper 1 - Hawk 0 doesn’t sound like a result you’re going to see a lot in nature :slight_smile:
And why does it sound so funny when Welsh has random brand names in? :lol:

I would really like to see some color here :smiley:

Don’t worry, there will be a lot more colour in the new Discourse design.