Discourse question: How did you modify it?

I really like how sitepoint changed the forum homepage to look more like a traditional forum with fixed categories and sub-categories (instead of the discourse style of a flat, rolling list of discussions).

And I found and installed sitepoint discourse theme,
but It looks not the same as the sitepoint site.
my category colors:

![category colors](http://i.imgur.com/DlsHVVp.png)

category colors not showing

![not show](http://i.imgur.com/XD9WMvG.png)

It seems you are also changed or hide several UI elements throughout the forum.

How did you guys do this?

Any other advice when setting up Discourse? Any hard lessons learned?

(I hope this is the right sub-category for this topic!)


Thank you!

You may have better luck asking at meta.





meta uses “Latest” as their “home” page, we use “Categories” as ours. Both pages exist both sites, just a matter of preference what’s used as “home”

Granted, we heavily customized our Categories page :wink:

@orodio and @kelle might be able to give some tips.

If you’re referring to the colours behind the category names then it looks like the SitePoint version of Discourse has some customisations. You can see the changes here on github.

In this case it looks like the render function has been changed to include some inline CSS to bring the colours through.

If you want to find other places that we’ve changed things, I would suggest that you first hunt down the file renders what you want to change in your version of Discourse. Once you have that you can then compare it to the SitePoint version on github. Usually we prefix changes with a comment like /* SP */ so we know we added it.

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Thank you!

I figured it out:


There are a couple of changes we made to our fork of Discourse in the name of maintainability.
The pill style category titles were one of those changes in our fork and dont actually live in the theme.

in particular

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