I miss the old SitePoint style

I was in love with old website style…

It was enjoyable! I hate this new style, sincerely. And I mean both for the website and the forums/community. :scream:

Who did prefer the old style here? :pensive:
Make a petiton to let the admins return on the old style! LOL

I’m content with the new design but not with the lack of an ios app being available…

It seems mighty stubborn for disquis not to have android and ios apps.

I don’t use any mobile device so I can’t argue on that. Anyway, even changing the font to the old Verdana would be great here on the community. Just my opinion!

EDIT: I created a SitePoint old Forums skin clone: http://www.klayz.com/community/index.php?styleid=16!

Sitepoint in the browser isn’t good enough? :-p It actually bugs me a bit when so many sites try to push their app on you when the browser works just fine. Sitepoint seems to have put a lot of effort to make their site mobile friendly.


We can’t bring back the old sitepoint design so, embrace the new design.

In my experience native apps always beat out the website on mobile platforms. I much prefer a dedicated app on my phone.

Yes, I know this. :wink:

I think this too. But obviously creating an app would require much time and effort, I think.

I would agree. So lazy and stubborn…

The SP forums run off the Discourse forum software. So if there were an app, it wouldn’t need to be made for SP specifically, just Discourse. Lots of other sites run Discourse. I haven’t seen any, but there might be an app out there if you looked hard enough. (I wouldn’t suggest downloading a bunch of 3rd party apps)

Discourse is open source, and I’m sure themes would be appreciated by many.
I say, if you’re good at theming, go for it.

This has been discussed at meta more than once








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