Offline w3school ouput not working

hello… i download the offline version of the w3school site and i open it… it working well but when i see output by clicking on "try it yourself " …the output is not working…result is not visible? whats the problem

Why don’t you ask w3schools about it? It’s their site.

w3schools Forum

AFAIK, the “Try it yourself” section of the W3Schools website is written using ASP. Maybe some kind of server setup is necessary?

I went to w3schools and searched for an offline version, but couldn’t find one. I then searched the Internet.

The first site I tried shows

I am actually not sure if it is illegal or legal to share the Offline version, If they claim it i will remove it.

Not a very promising start.
The second site I tried shows this:

It has come to our attention that has been illegally copied to [domain].
Any reproduction or redistribution of W3chools content is expressly
prohibited by law, and will result in severe civil and criminal
penalties. Violators will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible.
The downloadable version must be removed ASAP.

Hege Refsnes


So now we know why it doesn’t work; you’re trying to use an illegal copy.

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