Looking for Dreamweaver CS3 Download

Could someone here help?
I have a somewhat outdated computer and I’m running a copy of Dreamweaver 8.
I don’t have any plans for another computer anytime soon but I’d like to see how Dreamweaver CS3 runs so I’ve been looking for a download of the trial version.
I can’t find anywhere that has the trial version. Everything points to Adobe and the latest and greatest version of Dreamweaver, which I have tried and runs very sluggish on my machine.
So if anyone knows of a site that has the trial version for download I sure would appreciate it.

I wish I could find the page that clams that Adobe will put files in some special boot sector on your hard drive to keep people from just formating and re-useing, but I can’t find it again.
I will say I’ve read a few instances from forums of people that say that re-formatting didn’t remove the trial limitations from various Adobe products.

I’m not saying that is what causing my problem, but I will say that what I’m experiencing is not at all uncommon and I can’t find a definitive solution.

Ok, found a copy of the file (sent by someone).
But I’m having problems. The trial period will not start.
It just says I have to enter in the activation code.
Now I tried out DW CS5 a while back and uninstalled it.
Could that be the problem?

Well that bites!!
What do you think would happen if I tried to install the full blown version? Would it do the same thing?

If you have the full purchased version you should have a legal serial number (activation code) anyway, so it shouldn’t be an issue as it would either overwrite files or disarm the bomb once you input your paid-for Licence key.

Yeah, that is pretty weird.

Oh well, maybe I’ll win that Ebay auction. Still 3 days left.

No. That’s not it.
It just goes to a page that says I need to log into my account (even after I do log in), then proceeds to a page with a CS5 link.

I looked on Google too. Like I said before, everything just points to the latest and greatest on the Adobe site.
I guess I could contact Adobe.

I did find a couple of auctions going on on Ebay for CS3. Actually bid all of $35 on one. Figured it’s worth a shot.

Thanks guys for the time.

Hey Phil,

I’ve found this link - completely up to yourself to try it out - I’m in no way associated with this website I’ve just found it on Google :wink: Seems to be a direct download and bypasses the Adobe site - I had a similiar problem myself, couldn’t even find it on their FTP!

Hope it’s what you’re looking for!


Possibly, or it could be time-bombed so you can only start to install it, if you PC system clock/date is within a certain historic date range.

You probably get differing URL’s due to location or browser/scripting combinations on your machines, etc.

Did you try asking Adobe?

From what I’m reading, apparently this is [was] a common problem with Adobe Trial software. I’ve seen a few posts that even after a format, the problem still persists.

Adobe offers some “Clean-up” Utilities, but I haven’t had much success with that either.
What a bummer. I would hate to shell out $150 on CS3 from Ebay and then find out I can’t even run it.

Here is teh page that link leads to: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/dlm/

Um, weird… I just get the download dialog box where I simply accept or reject the download! :shifty: what’s going on!

Hey Phil,

That’s odd they must have changed it because last night I was just prompted for the direct download link - hmm, well here’s a definite one that’s working right now!

Best of luck,

Hazel :slight_smile:

That’s quite bizarre really, I hope for the sake of the OP that it will work for him as it is quite difficult to obtain an old trial version of any Adobe products :confused:

I cannot possibly see how after a HDD reformat the problem still exists unless they are using illegal techniques. I think you just meant un-install though. I suppose you also have to ask yourself whether you believe the eBay version is legitimate.

Aren’t the trials full version too? I don’t recall any limitations with Adobe trialware, perhaps it’s changed since the last time I downloaded any! :scratch: