The Death of

I’ve been thinking this for a while actually, and figured I’d post it in this forum but, don’t you think is now dead? I mean in terms of content and relevance to todays standards in both Web Standards and high-quality standards.

I will put my hand up and say yes, they were a great site - at one time. And although I really like their new design on the site, their content is the same pretty much and it isn’t as good as it once used to be, I feel at least.

Everywhere I go from Websites to forums to tutorials and even to books - They all send you to W3Schools (as well as others). Don’t you think it’s time we stopped recommending W3Schools just because everyone else does and because it’s a popular Website?

There are much better Websites out their now with better content than W3Schools. I’m just putting it out there. AlexDawson says it much better than I do:

W3Schools hasn’t been updated in ages, it’s clearly out-of-date and poorly maintained, basically it’s no longer a very good website.

I guess It’s a fairly bold statement to make so I’ll expect to be flamed, but it’s just my opinion and I personally think that it is what other people are thinking too.

Andrew Cooper

SitePoint could look at as an opportunity to expand their Reference section. I wonder if it would be worth SitePoint perhaps buying the w3schools site, then integrating it into their own and expanding upon it.

About the only real opportunity left to the two guys who built w3schools would be to sell the site to some bigger concern that actually has the resources to allocate a few people to bringing it up to date. I doubt that the two of them could manage it even if they wanted to and since they haven’t been keeping it up to date they have obviously moved on to other things.

There have always been a few sites around that are at least as good and which now are way better so I am still trying to figure out why people ever recommended w3schools in the first place.

I think that W3Schools is still a nice resource but its relevance is definitely limited.

I think SitePoint need to work on their JavaScript Reference and get a JavaScript Reference book out like the HTML and CSS ones. The SitePoint Reference Libraries are brilliant! They just need to be marketed more and circulated on the WWW for them to become more popular than the W3Schools References.

I don’t think SitePoint would invest in W3Schools personally. It would be hard creating two competing Web Design Websites from the same company I think.

Thanks for the positive comments though! :slight_smile:

Andrew Cooper

I don’t think they’ll sell up, they’re making money off an old Website because it’s so damned popular, shame the content is irrelevant now. They’re making money off an age-old Website, which I hate really. They’re just making money off the back off popularity and circulation really.

I used to recommended W3Schools myself, but in the past 6 months or so I’ve been recommending SitePoint to everyone I know. SitePoint for me, is like the new W3Schools, but I doubt SitePoint will ever go out of date! :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to see your feedback felgall.

Andrew Cooper

SitePoint’s reference section could be expanded to include at least Javascript and perhaps PHP and ASP

I actually think SitePoint could go beyond the language guides and offer something along the lines of the web standards curriculum like Opera has, with tutorials on stuff talked about here often, there were brief whispers at one time about a Wiki or web design resource of some kind but it kinda fizzled out post my initial suggestion. I do happen to agree that W3CSchools is on it’s last legs, while the information may be out of date it’s no worse than in educational institutions so you could give them the benefit of the doubt in terms of it being a useful archive, after all CSS2 and HTML4 still have their place, along with XML and XSLT…

… perhaps SitePoint should put in a bid for it and buy it out. Then it could turn it into something really great :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes but the JavaScript they cover is so far out of date that it just gives people more to unlearn in order to write JavaScript properly.

Again, I find some very relevant information on these forums. I’m very pleased to have found the sitepoint community.

I was hoping to learn some basics of javascript, jquery, php or ruby on w3schools. I have done some of the html & css tutorials there already, but now hesitate to go further.

Can anyone tell me if any of these tutorials mentioned are still up to date?
Or recommend any other (budget) locations for getting my feet wet.

You could try and for up to date tutorials on PHP and Ruby.