W3Schools exams!

i have a question about w3schools actually iam learning html from there and it says when ur done learning just take the exam by applying online.but i dont know where and how to apply for a exam.can anyone tell me a site or how to apply for the exam.


Yup, sorry. Been running stuff through the validator today, hands didn’t type what the mind was thinking. Edited the post to reflect.

rustybuddy, don’t confuse W3Schools with the W3C, in no way are they related, nor do they have anything to-do with each other. :slight_smile:

To prove Alex’s post.


ok thank you for ur replies guys

I believe what the other posters were implying was that nobody is going to hire you b/c of a w3Schools exam. I personally feel there is a bunch of good reference material on the w3Schools site. I feel some of their ‘try it yourself’ examples are helpful to newbies. I would point a newbie or someone learning a new language/technology there as a learning/reference point. Not as their sole source of learning. But as far as the exam, other than just doing it for yourself it won’t gain you much of anything. It’s not really something you could put on a resume… unless where you were applying was a bit ‘slow’.

Don’t bother, Not only is W3Schools seriously out of date (so half of it’s information is irrelevant or incorrect) but their exams are in no way recognised by the web design industry (in fact their seen as a bit of a joke). Save yourself the money and don’t bother getting the certificates they offer, their worthless. :slight_smile:

so u mean to say that site doesnt work for anyone ok,but it said many things there and i even completed half of the chapters of html there just only need to take the exam but u said the certifications from that web doesnt recognized by other wed industries :frowning: what can i do now??