Officialwire officially sucks!

Ok so I had a subscription to for the last 4 months paid 140GBP and submitted 7 press releases. I promoted the press releases and was driving traffic to the releases, but decided to cancel the monthly subscription due to lack of use.

Once I cancelled I realised all the releases I had paid for disappeared from their website! When I questioned it first time I got no reply, the second time I filed through their support and this is the response I got

ADMIN, Date: 2010-09-30 02:19:56

We are very sorry you have this problem with your releases but the reason your releases are not live any more is because you stop your subscription and there for your releases are hidden.
Only the one-off releases are live all the time.

Kind regards

When I asked for where in there terms & conditions this was I got no reply!

Why they would remove content from there site makes no sense to me…


I get great results with WebWire:

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