Software tool to help in writing PR and Blog post

I am looking few software which can support in writing an effective press release, like in-built templates, validation etc., Also tool which automates the press postings

Most pr distributors have templates they use or template guidelines for you to follow in writing your press release. I’m not sure what you mean by a tool that automates press postings, but if you’re looking for one that will pick up ones you have written and display them on your website, I have used feed informer (formerly named feed digest).

i have also submit press release website manually there are no any tools available in the Pr

I would caution against using software to automatically generate or repurpose articles, press statements and the like.

If it is only the link that is important to you to the exclusion of all else then fine, use it, but in my experience all submission software invariably produces low quality, garbled, almost unreadable garbage that reflects badly upon you and, if you have one, your client also.

I know it takes a long time to submit to multiple directories manually but in the long term it will be to your benefit.

I have never came across a PR software…

But you can use those free PR templates to get an idea or types of PRs but its better to write PR manually as many bots produce low quality content difficult to be read by humans. So high chances they will get rejected by PR companies.

I probably recommend to do it manually find some writer that can do better than a software tools. :slight_smile:

As an example, I submitted one article about a town crier in which I referred to him as “the man in the red and black coat”.

Somebody lifted the article from the directory and spun it for their own purposes, and this reference came out as “the person in financial difficulties and black coat”.

The rest of the article was just as bad, to the extent that the whole thing was pretty much meaningless. It would have made just as much sense to have chosen 400 words at random and just inserted the keywords as anchors.

This thread is not about article spinners; the question is whether or not anyone has software for writing and submitting press releases. Please keep your posts on-topic.

Apologies, but in mitigation there is a common theme.

Okay, press releases it is then.

I don’t think there is a software, which able to produce a press release/article … hm… This need human to write, I suppose?

But if you are looking for a site that help you to distribute your press release/article, there are a lot. And, normally we have to pay for the software. I have forgotten the software name because I prefer submit the press release/article myself. erm… Can’t help much. All the best!

Doing it manually is only good and safe way… using an automatic software will wind you to spam or penalized!!

Okay, so we’re not talking about spinning. We’re talking about software that writes a press release from scratch and then submits it?

How would that work then? Surely even software needs original copy to base its work on? How will it know what you want to write about, what you want to say?

First of all, I don’t believe you will be “penalized” for submitting duplicate press releases. The nature of press releases… even the purpose of press releases is to be available to the media in the places they use to find them.

As said earlier, there isn’t a press release software. Every distributor has its own guidelines and templates for the way they prefer to publish press releases as well as guidelines for press release submission.

As far as tools for validation, it is up to the publisher to make sure the releases validate on their distribution sites. If you want to add your press releases to your own site, the best validation tools for both css and (x)html are at the W3C website. If you want to make the tools easier to to access, then download the webmaster tools in either Firefox browser or Google Chrome.

That’s true Shyflower… I believe that submitting article to press release is not an easy task. You need to have a good editor or webmaster and correct every details of your article before publishing to press release…

I was also looking for the same tool.But I did not get it.So,I submit my PR website manually.

I guess you can find templates online, just google them but effective PR should be the one which you do yourself. As let suppose if there is a software, so you won’t be the only one using that software some one else must be, so there is very likely repeating of the same format again and again…

hi there new here, i think the best way for not getting your site penalized is submitting it manually. I agree with you but if there’s any software that might come up without any harmful fallback of the site i would mind to try it

That would be fantastic if there was a tool/software that did this. It may sound antiquated and time consuming, but besides the PR firm that sends out our press release, over the years I’ve gathered a list of contacts that will post our press releases. Some are local contacts, some are hosting news sites, forums like this one, etc. You just have to find the ones relevant to your industry and ask for the contact who handles press releases.

time consuming but really helps and do good feedback without doubt for being penalized. Let me know if you have good PR site :slight_smile:

What I know is that manyn internet marketing company does it manually. :slight_smile: