hi everybody i want to do work in odesk.how i can 100% my profile?

Follow the steps?

What do you mean by 100% profile?

You have to take 2/3 tests and might verified your account with the required papers.


Give some test related to your job that you want to do. Apply in the job that post most recent.

What % are you at now?
It’s been a while since I’ve been to odesk, but last I knew the site prompted you with “do this” type of suggestions. Is this no longer the case?

make sure your resume is great and take some test. when you pass those tests, you get higher chance of getting hired

There are a number of “tasks” to complete. eg. enter your contact information, take tests, etc. As more are completed the “profile %” increases.

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You told that your profile is 100%. So your profile is completed. You have to pot-fully attractive think e.g. if you web designer then to web template or graphic designer then to logo and banner. First time you bit at low price. Try more and more.

take the tests, add projects you have worked on.
you may wanna at least few projects done in a cheaper rate to get on board, people tend to hire people who already have done work there.

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