How to win a project in O Desk ..?

Hi Everyone,

Please help me how can I win projects on O Desk. I create my profile last year (2012). I am applying many of projects but I can’t be successful each of them. I am writing Unique cover letters, answer of client’s question and also send a detail of project but these things are not working.

So I need help from you guys . Please tell me what can I do… ?


I don’t have experiene with oDesk in particular but I found that these type of sites where competition is fierce and there’s little that you can do about it. Also, I found out that many of these clients are the kind that I don’t want… the kind that want diamonds when they’re paying for peanuts.

So in your letters, take care of your wording. While you still need to come across as professional and serious, the way your write is something that is under your control and maybe phrasing things in a different way may result in success.

Also study those possible clients… Do they use oDesk often? What kind of work did they offer?

If it is possible, try to know if those who won were those who offer the lowest price.

Maybe you’re not offering for the right kind of jobs?

You can win projects on Odesk if clients notice you. There are three things that will help you stay ahead of the crowd:

  1. Pass tests.
  2. Complete your profile and build your portfolio.
  3. Keep good rating by delivering quality work.

agree with geoege9 comments . Think of yourself awarign project to anyone . What details or skill set you would look to , just keep your self in thsi situation you will get answer. Just what you need score high !! professional profile and rating sets.