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There are too many fake client and freelancer in odesk. Now its so tough to get a job. Do you know any other alternative site like odesk??

How Important to give a test in odesk?? I think buyers are not search the profile and the don’t see the result. My assumption may be wrong. But i think.

Why odesk don’t delete the fake client account that is not verified…??

as per my observation and experience, i find odesk the best platform to get online job or to get your work done online. You are right, there are some issues with fake clients, but this is what happens when you work Online.
About tests, yes they are important, but again it depends what type of tests you have given and what type of test your Employer is looking for.

Thanks for your advice .

Hey Chelsea - sorry so late to this. I can tell you from the perspective of hiring freelancers…we’ve used


Good Luck!

Odesk is the best.Nothing can be compared with odesk.But i heard that elance.com is a popular site for the freelancers.I have a account there.Odesk delete fake client cause they post a job bt they dont hire anyone.they make the workers frustrated.

look at the reviews about the client before applying for job in odesk.

I know I’m late to the party but I only wanted to comment something about this. Fake clients have always existed, online or offline

The main difference is that offline you may know his real name and face

@ChelseaDCollins ;

That is not a good idea, because you will never know if is a fake client or new client (willing to pay).
I’m both a freelancer and client in odesk.
I also hire freelancers in odesk as a client.

Odesk is best. Odesk is best source to get online job. peopleperhour, freelancer etc also good option. I have account on odesk from 2010, but i still not get any job from there…

So it’s the best source to get a job, but you haven’t gotten any for three years now? That’s a bummer, isn’t it?

I not get any project from odesk on my profile, is true. There can be reasons because I not worked so much for my odesk profile, I have my company profiles on odesk and I work from those different profiles and our company not get any problem from odesk.