Im thinking about putting a job on Odesk.com

I’ve seen bad and good as far as reviews have went.

Have any site pointers used this serve? If so how has it went?

I’m an odesk provider you can post that job their I’m sure their are lots of provider willing to make your project

As with all business relationships, some will turn out well, others not so well.

The real question as you go forward: can you manage the project within the confines of how [pick your job site] lets you manage a project? Or are you better managing people in person? Unless you’re comfortable with time zone differences, language differences and so on, you’ll want to be picky about who you get to complete your project.

Freelance websites like ODesk are good if your trying to employ someone but their no good if your the one trying to be employed. Those kinds of websites tend to be filled with eastern nation workers who are so desperate for work they will reduce their rates so insanely low costs (though there’s no real guarantees on the quality of their work), if you want bottom dollar, fast turnaround, basic quality work… go for it, otherwise I would probably go with an independent freelancer or firm which is established beyond those websites. I used to do work on those kinds of sites and I have been burned badly in the past. :slight_smile:

Would you happen to be one of those people? :slight_smile:

I do work independently yea (and though my viewpoint is my own I’ve worked on both sides of the fence so I hope the information is useful as I’ve tried to just point out the inherent downside of job “bidding” sites as I’ve encountered them), but I’m currently busy at the moment so this post wasn’t an offer of work :stuck_out_tongue:

Well if you get done with whatever and want to give me a quote on a project or 2 that would be cool.

Regardless i appreciate the feedback thank you.

And additionally i’d be more apt to trust you as you’ve already helped me on a few things in the past here in the forums. :slight_smile:

I tried working in odesk and I find it good. And opening a job in odesk is very demanding. For sure there are many people will going to apply for that job. And it’s up to you to choose who’s fit to it. But what I hate in odesk is there big commission :slight_smile:

How much do they get? Odesk that is? What %

^ depends on the amount for example I’m biding for 5$ per hour then you’ll gonna pay odesk for $5.56… So the .56 is their commission :slight_smile:

I registered in odesk sadly I still have no job. some people bid so low for the project, :frowning:

Hi, this is Nicole from Rent a Coder. I know this post is old, but my response may apply to new visitors who have questions.

I’d like to point out a few issues with using services like oDesk since those issues could influence the success of an outsourced project.

First, oDesk doesn’t guarantee pay-for-time work peformance. Nor does it refund you if your worker misses a required status report like Rentacoder. Other services, such as ours, guarantee all projects and provide refunds for missed deadlines.

Second, oDesk’s limited arbitration on pay-for-time projects is not based on quality of work, but simply whether or not the worker committed fraud—based solely on screenshots, not an analysis of deliverables. As a result, you could end up paying for work that isn’t satisfactory. At Rentacoder, we offer full arbitration on all projects based on customer satisfaction and a submitted flaw list if necessary.

Third, oDesk workers can’t make more than 2 bids a month unless they take certain Odesk tests, or receive feedback on a certain number of projects. Less bidders on your project gives you less selection and often results in higher prices. That one fault could severely impact the ability to find the right qualified individual quickly and efficiently.

One more thing before I go. You should understand that although the amount paid for work may be small to us, that same amount is often much larger to the coder who receives it, and therefore, doesn’t necessarily indicate poor quality work. $100 to the U.S. could be $1,000 to a foreign coder who is subsequently certainly willing to do a good job for it.

I invite everyone to compare the 7 major services through this link to learn even more: http://www.rentacoder.com/RentACoder/DotNet/misc/CompetitorInformation/WhyRentACoder_ForBuyers.aspx

If you have any questions, please let me know. You can also call in to talk to a facilitator 7 days a week, or email us (see http://www.rentacoder.com/RentACoder/misc/Feedback.asp).


I would like to say since i started this post, that im very happy with odesk.