Number in domain name

How number is treated in domain name?
For example
What is your opinion to include no in domain is easy to remember for general people, it is a trick get noticed, or you think it as ********. Please give your opinion. Thank you.

I would suggest you can get domains with special characters that are not available. The reason is, you don’t want to lose that domain names. Hyphen would also be a good option to use in domain names.

Say you have a books store and you want to get available). It would be better idea to choose that domain as

We think it is better to have a number if required by the content and business.
It is fine to have a number these days when few names are available.

Good luck.

I dont think it would be my No1 choice to add a No to a domain i would be more incline to use find another option if all the .com have got then maybe look at a .net option you just have to look at all the top sites and i cannot recall any that have a No in the domain and i think that gives you the answer.

I don’t like numbers in domains. If the company name is 2good2betrue, then makes sense, otherwise, no. for example, is quite a wise choice. In fact, it is a very, very smart name for the company. I couldn’t say the same about 2good2betrue, or the examples you gave.

it is difficult to find any free domain. but for me it is better to use more esay to remember name.

digits in the domain names will never make domain name catchy and easy to remember, unless digits is the part of the business name like etc

I strongly disagree. Digits have the same value as letters in this case. Neither they help, neither they cause a damage.

I think digits at the end or beginning is fine, not the greatest. But when a number is suppose to replace a word such as “to” or “for” then it gets confusing. You will lose traffic to the person who has the word domain.

And numbers are better than the word for actual numbers. Such as is better than because mentally people want to think and type the shortest url.

That’s correct, numbers are great way to make URLS shorter

I think digits at the end or beginning can works fine with number like 3(means free) 7(like days in a week) 24(hours in a day), 4(for, especcialy used in a middle of a domain) 2(to), 365 (the days in a year)
They can have good potential, but also depend to the brand of the website and the content.

Can shortener the domain but I think more than 1 number in domain name is not so good.

Also I don’t like only number in domain name except number with value like 883 the Harley Davidson or 365 (days in a year) and similar but domain like 5423dotcom for me don’t have value, they seem like a bank pin…

The only time numbers shouldn’t be used in domain names is when you’re using them to the extent of “leet/text-speak” where you start replacing alphabet characters with numbers (like m8 for mate) - that will make it VERY hard for people to find you in search engines as many generations of people simply don’t understand the slang terms. Essentially, if you want words, use words, if you need numbers, use numbers, but don’t start bleeding them together. :slight_smile:

That’s a good point I forgot. I came across a few stupid ones like that.

And I like the contrast when the domain name is the numbers. Only if this is consistent with the logic … It’s easy to remember. I think so

It’s worked out favorably time and time again, but just remember… when saying it verbally, people will not be sure which way it is written.

The hardest thing is having to tell people about your site and having to say, “its a number three not free, you have to spell out the number”. That to me is so much of a pain I wont register sites with numbers in anymore.

That said if you intend to do all your advertising online through google and other sites with links then it doesnt really matter because you just click the link. If you find you need to tell someone and spell it out however, thats when its a pain.



I’d second that. Owners of domains like this may loose lots of people from non-English speaking countries

Or have that on the business card.
In any case there are more troubles will be with the such domain names.

I have one domain name 360eHealth, this is easy to remember because there is no mistaken for 360, because no one’s going to think ThreeSixtyEHealth.

Never been a fan of the number/words mix in a domain name. With only words in a domain name it’s easier to remember.