Looking for good domain name suggestions

I want to buy domain related to internet business but I did not find any good one which is not yet occupied. Is it good to go for domain names with “-” e.g. "ab-c.com or numbers like “abc1.com”.



It’s not good but, if it’s as close as you can get the domain name you REALLY want, use the hyphened version (adding digits is NOT a good idea, IMHO).



Keeping your domain name as short and easy to remember as possible is key. Avoid symbols because they can often be forgotten and confuse people trying to visit your domain.

I have seen some good names with “-” and digits, so I believe that will not make your domain name worse if you use them.

Your domain name must be

  • as short as possible
  • with COM domain name extension if possible
  • have business name or at least abbreviation.

And I do not think that dash is so bad in the domain name.
Good luck.

If your business name contain digits or symbols - I suppose that is ok when you use that.