Domain Name

what is main point for domain name? Important rule or tips for Domain name registration:).

The domain should be easy to recall, preferably only characters and .com unless you are looking at country specific audience. There are exceptions to this rule but usually its found that a domain without dashes, numbers, etc are better and easier to remember. you dont want to have say best-domain-name123 .co .in but any day bestdomainname . com is easier to remember and recall. And if you have a good marketing setup then I guess any domain is easy to market and I have seen recently that there are so many new companies with hard to remember names but as they keep marketing over a period of time, you get used to the name!

What is main point for domain name?
- Domain Name will represent your business or your web site content.
Important rule or tips for Domain name registration
You should follow the SEO rules to archive the good ranking on search engine and TLD.

If you have already pointed all your domains to your website this way, don’t panic. This problem is easily solved and reversed, even if you have been doing it for years. That is, there’s a simple way to tell the search engines that all 3 domains point to the same site, and to add up all the links together and associate them with that site.

Thanku for information. Pls tell me can we target or select keyword in domain name? and if possible then what is benefit for my website?

Yes definitely you can select keyword domains if available. Some basic principles would be domain better related to the product / service you are providing, easier to recall, preferably avoid numbers and dashes and either a dot com or dot country based on where you are planning to target the website.

You may see the search results of Google searches. Your searched keywords would be in the website name,title, description and url of the top position websites.

Choose domain name related to your content and don’t use long length domain name,Specify it is global or local audience targeted if local choose country mame other wise .com is best.

The most important thing for a domain name is to be short and easy to remember. Another thing of importance is to include keywords in the domain name but with recent Google updates that is now not so important.