Nor receiving email from SP


When I start or reply to a thread, I always make sure to check the ‘send me email when the thread is updated’, but I never receive emails. Is there something wrong with SP’s mail system?

I’ve checked my spam folder - not there.

This happened to me a while ago too, never did figure it out, I was just directed to the My Sitepoint link above and I’ve never turned back. In fact, I’ve turned off all e-mail notifications and rely on that link instead.

Sometimes for some reason that is unknown to me, we get blacklisted against certain email addresses for no apparent reason. If you want to DM me the address that you are no longer getting the mail to, I’ll look into it for you.

Hi Hawk

Thanks for the offer, but I think I’ve fixed this by changing the email address



I noticed I’m not getting emails from the forums either even though I have instant notification checked. It’s not in my spam folder either. Have been away from the forum for a long while so I thought maybe settings had changed somewhere… I’ll see if changing my email fixes it.

Let me know if it doesn’t.