What happened to the email notifications?

over the years every once in a while the email notifications for updated threads got delayed a few hours, i always figured the server got backed up or something…

but for the last little while (couple of weeks?) they have completely stopped

did i miss a memo?

or is this functionality actually broken?

YuriKolovsky has just told me he also no longer gets emails of updates.

Something’s fishy.

Thanks a million, Just got email notification today, so everything appears to be back to normal,

Thanks Nuala

Aha, I wonder if Lycos.com is also blocking SitePoint. I haven’t gotten a free chapter sample of the jQuery ninja book I ordered weeks ago. They did have a spam attack recently.

I’ll try another email address… just a shame to dump one that’s been mine for over 13 years.

Ok, so that is the issue.

We tried to send an email on July 08, and Yahoo! rejected it for policy reasons.
We have deleted the bounce record at our end so let’s see what happens now.

If you continue to not receive them, let me know.

test PM sent to Rudy, he didn’t recieve the email notification. Seeing as he got the email through ok for the sample chapters (post #18) I think we can narrow it down to something going wrong with emails from forums@sitepoint.com to Rudy’s email address, but as yet we don’t know who’s end the problem is at.

@Rudy, any chance that you have an old email filter in place at your end (which you may have forgot about) which is moving them away from the folder you expect them to be in?

sorry, my mistake, i am such an idiot, i requested a free chapter with the wrong email address and it worked

so i went back, and over the course of the last half hour or so, have requested three different book sample chapters with the same email address i use for notifications, and those have ~not~ come through

i double-checked my mail filters and there’s nothing on this end that would turn your emails away

and as i said, i’m using the same email address on a couple of other vbulletin forums and those are coming through fine

I actually have none. I had to specifically subscribe to this thread. It is certainly not the default behavior in our test environment. Can you see new subscriptions being formed against your profile?

I’m not quite ready to escalate this yet as I’m not convinced that there is actually a problem. I wonder if it is to do with your settings. I don’t mean to sound patronising… I know you’re no newbie, but would you mind checking?

with pleasure :slight_smile:

Ok, well subscriptions are working for me.
Rudy… I’m not sure what to suggest!

i believe the default behavior is that if you reply to a thread, you automatically get a subscription to that thread

so you and i, we each have a bazillion subscriptions (i have maybe a few more than you)

i’d like to escalate this to the sitepoint developers…

Yay! Glad to hear it.

Well, someone’s turned them back on. I now suddenly get notification of PMs in my email… haven’t gotten those in a long time.

It’s actually more likely to be Rudy’s ISP blocking the email from Sendgrid’s servers. I’m having a dev look up your address now Rudy, to see if that’s the case. If so, you might need to have a word with your ISP or use the email address that works.

I’ll get back to you Rudy.

I’ve not had any e-mail notifications for a while now, wonder why?

If you PM me your email address I’ll look into it for you.

PM me your address Mallory, and I’ll see if I can get something sorted for you.

that worked like a champ, i’m reading it now…

I don’t use subscriptions so I can’t comment personally.
I have just added one to this thread though, so if someone would respond I can test it.


my Default Thread Subscription Mode (http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/profile.php?do=editoptions) has always been set to Instant Email Notification

my subscriptions (http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/subscription.php?do=viewsubscription) are up-to-date (i added 7 today) and under the Notifications column they all say Instant

and i haven’t received an email notification for weeks (months?)

and i checked my mail server’s spam folder and they’re not in there

and (gasp) i’m on 2 other vbulletin forums using the same email address with the same notification options and those emails are getting through