Never receive notifications

I’m probably in the wrong forum but this is my issue:

I NEVER receive notifications when someone posts to a thread that I have started. My email addresses have never changed so I am not certain how to resolve this issue. If someone can shed some light on this I would be very grateful.

Thank you,

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I see the following everytime I start a thread, so will see if/when I get an new comment.


Here’s a comment to see if you get a notification! :biggrin:

Also, make sure you haven’t accidentally muted any categories:

Never got it.

I just checked back in to see if I had any new posts and I see that I did have a few.


Ok I found the Categories and this is what I see:

If I click Show I get this:

I have no idea what that actually means? Then, if I select Select I get the following:

So if I am reading that correctly EVERY FORUM has been muted. If this is correct how do I undo this? I have no idea how this could have happened??

Thank you for showing me what to look for.

If you click on your avatar, you’ll see a vertical list of icons. At the bottom is a head. If you click on that, you can set your preferences. Under Emails, you can set when you are sent emails.

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All of my email categories are set to Always as seen next:

So I don’t think this is the problem.

Thanks for your help.

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I sometimes receive notifications when someone replies to a post I posted. I assume I always do. I never receive other notifications (except probably all replies to a thread I created). I do not know what determines the notifications we do and do not receive.

Do you receive notifications when someone replies to a post you posted (in someone else’s thread)?

Do others receive notifications when someone posts any reply (not just a reply they made) to a thread they have participated in?

I think I never saw my profile before. Getting to it is done in a strange way.

I never receice ANY notifications. Period!

I have to check by into my thread to see if I have any new comments/posts. Crazy, but I am not certain how to correct this.


I received notification of this reply.

I mean… standard email checks at that point… make sure its not being flagged as junk, or you’ve got email rules set up to move/block/mark as read…

I get an email daily.

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