Not receiving any forum emails

I triple checked my email address associated to my forum account (it is correct), but I am not receiving any emails for threads I am subscribed to (or PMs for that matter).

I also double checked my settings, and I have it set to send me e-mails. Any ideas?

Is anyone else receiving e-mails from the forum? I’ve checked my filters, white lists, black lists, etc. Still nothing, just curious if others are having this issue too.

Hm, I’m still getting mine. But we do find, from time to time, that people suddenly stop getting their emails for a period of time. It’s weird, and as far as I know, the cause is unknown. It happens for staff as well. I know that’s not much of an answer, but it’s all I can suggest. :-/

This may not help, but I have weaned myself off email notifications this year and switched to checking the My SitePoint link here in the forums. I find it more reliable … but I realize it’s not for everyone.

Hey, thanks, I didn’t know what the My SitePoint link did, so I never clicked on it. That is an acceptable work-around :slight_smile:

I’ll get your address checked out - sometimes there are random blacklist issues (ISP related - not ours).

@HAWK Thanks, I appreciate it

All of a sudden, today I am receiving emails from SitePoint :slight_smile: Not sure if you did anything @HAWK, but if you did, Thanks.