Nofollow links in Webmasters tools


Search engine Reveal few years ago that They are not going to Count Nofollow attributed Links but Google webmasters Tool still showing Nofollow Links From Many websites . this is too much contradictory . I am confused how to build links ? should build links on Nofollow or not . Please help.

Thanks in Advance .

Think about the goal of a search engine… to find what a user is looking for.

Then think about the limitations, the engine has to understand a site and how it behaves.

No Follow was invented really because of the growth of content publishing and the lack of control sites had. Not every link on a forum is checked, relevant and credible.

However to think engines will simply ignore the existence of links because you add a little attribute is ignoring that first purpose. Even a link flagged as irrelevant tells the engine something.

Aside from that you really think about the user too.

This is ironic as your signature links to an online marketing agency (nice site) that seems to have a big emphasis on social and sharing yet you’re asking about links as if Google/ Bing / Yahoo are way a link can be used. Links were created for people to click and that’s even more true today than when the web was first being used… social, news, content is everything. You may not get a single bit of search juice from a link but if people are seeing it in a relevant place and using it to follow you, who cares?

Get links from places that are relevant, visited and matter. Don’t trip yourself over how a search engine will see it.

Always try to make natural and relevant links. You need not to bother about nofollow and dofollow. Nofollow links although are not considered by search engines, they can send you visits if they are placed at a relevant and noticeable website.

No, ur thinking is wrong, Google count the no follow link very well but it gives less value as compare to do follow links.

That doesn’t mean that you should stop building links on sites that only allow those with the nofollow attribute. Remember that no matter what attribute a link has, it’s still a link in its most basic sense. It can bring traffic to your site, which is, in my opinion, the most important thing you should take note of.

Google reconizes both. Do-follow hold more weight and no-follow hold less weight. Simple

They didn’t say that they wont count the no-follow links, they meant that you wont get much weight-age if you go for no-follow links. I have seen that nofollows links on high PR pages helps to get link juice.

Its really important to get relevant links as Ted mentioned, in addition to that its also important for your link profile to look “natural” therefore if you have loads of do follow links with the exact same anchor its not natural, thats why its important to have a some no followed links too! naturalize your profile and start thinking about link type distribution, anchor text distribution and more creative ways of building links.

I did actually read somewhere that no-follows do influence rankings depending on the site yes, domain authority is a huge factor.

You should not waste to much time on build nofollow link while the weight is much more lower than one dofollow link.
Unless the nofollow link may help you get lot of traffic , if no you can ignore if you would like focus on building links for SEO.

The second half of your argument contradicts the first. The value of a link is in being in front of a relevant audience… 10 clicks here, 2 clicks there, it’s a networking effect and no different than the impact of one little “follow” link potentially boosting your SERP ranking a bit to potentially get you seen to potentially get it clicked on.

I think nofollow can also bring traffic you can place in proper place and Visitors will visit your site by clicking in that link.