Thoughts please? Nofollow links

A trusted mentor told me that No Follow links are also useful in creating credibility for you. YOu might not benefit from a backlink, but no follow links gives google a sense that you are getting links manually and naturally and not paid, as is the case if all the links are do follow.

What are your thoughts?

I disagree. No follow links do count at Google. They may or may not pass “link juice,” but they certainly count as a backlink.

But then again, since nobody really knows what the goolge algo is, maybe a backlink doesn’t count for what we think it does.

I just find it curious that google maintains that they follow the “no follow” standard (didn’t they create it?) but their own tools (Webmaster) show no follow links…

Am I missing something here?

Nofollow links are not helpful for Google but it is helpful for yahoo and msn search engines. And as you said that it gives the look that submission are being done manually, it is right.

while speaking about google nofollow link is no use

I’ve seen “no follow” links followed by all the search engines.

It’s always a good idea to get both kinds of links; getting too many do follow links compared to no follow links would seem very unnatural.

I personally don’t put much effort in discriminating between the two. It’s really not worth the effort.

no follow gives you traffic some search engine will not consider

Why is that more natural? Surely what’s natural is what you get if you don’t do any SEO at all … and that is likely to be primarily editorial links, which are unlikely to be “nofollow”. Yes, you might get some links to your site that other people post in blog and forum comments, if they think that your site will answer the OP’s needs or just want to recommend it to other people, but they will be a minority.

And yet, as recently as only a few years ago, that’s how the whole world wide web worked :eek:

The only time you should think about or mention ‘nofollow’ is when you’re thinking or talking about paid links.

There is NO difference in the quality or quantity of traffic from a normal (dofollow) or nofollow link. None. Nada. Nothing…

No follow links can definitely help you. Think about it – if you write an article, publish it on a do follow directory, and it gets picked up by a site that’s nofollow, you’re still getting eyes on your link. Everyone reading your article on that nofollow site can click on your link, head to your site, and buy something. Google may not consider the link for ranking purposes, but no follow links can definitely boost your traffic, which can boost your profits.

If you’re publishing quality content, it’s inevitable that your stuff is going to get picked up by a no follow site. Getting nothing but do follow links is basically impossible.

Yes, we know google dont count no follow links for link juice but if we make mix backlinks (no follow and do follow it seems more natural and we ll get some credit from search engine.)As yahoo and Msn count no follow links so its easy to reach top of these search engines if we make also no follow links .So I suggest everyone always make backlinks as a combination of no follow as well as do follow.


I think it goes with the number of links. My mentor said that if you had 100 df links and 0 nf links, that would certainly mean something right? Google might be looking at it as a fake. But if you had 50 df links and 50 nf links, that’s more natural?

Bing does comply with the rel=nofollow attribute on links, in that it doesn’t pass on any vote/link-juice/attribution from that link.

I don’t think (but I have no proof) that Google look to see whether a site is using nofollow as a trust-factor in of itself - that seems just too easy to manipulate.

It could also depend on the type of site the backlink is coming from. Maybe that site puts nofollow on every external link, or maybe just to your site. Would that look “natural”?

Surely the potential for traffic (ie. a user clicking through to your site) from a nofollow link is reason enough to make them useful. Any SE benefit you get from that link is a bonus.