Does Nofollow links have any value to SEO?


I am learning SEO and have a questions. Is there any real value to nofollow links?

The idea of nofollow is to have NO value for PageRank. However, if link sends traffic than it is valuable for SEO.

Nofollow links are only used to balance the dofollow links. So that link building looks natural. Here you can check the difference between nofollow and dofollow links.

Thank you for your comment. I’ve heard from someone that when building sites, he also build nofollow backlink for relevancy. If Google ignore nofollow, why will he get that relevancy? The result is after a month, his newly launched website got to #1 for his main keyphrase.

According to new google strategy nofollow links are also useful but not used in pagerank and SERP but you have to balance your dofollow links because according to Google algorithm you have to create nofollow links along with the dofollow.

Absolutely Yes, to rank and avoid any penalty you must have a smart percentage of no follow links to your site. I have build some sites (seo) with 90 % of the links are no follow e.g. , having more do following makes you a target of penalty.

Of course they do. But it’s kind’a indirect. What I mean is that you can still get inbound human traffic from those links; which is also true for Do Follow links. Hopefully, if there are many people click or visit your visit, this can send signals to Google that you’re site is popular.

Nofollow link does not provide the link juice. Thus Nofollow links are not valuable for SEO.

Thanks. I think I’m skewed to building both as it will make link portfolio a bit more natural looking.


If you think that real people might see those links and click on them then yes, they have a value. Otherwise, no.

For example – signature links here on SPF. If your site is vaguely relevant to people working in internet-related fields and you have built a reputation as someone who is worth listening to, you might well get some traffic through your signature links. On the other hand, if you only post vague and empty waffle occasionally, and your site is completely unrelated to web design, you’re unlikely to get anyone clicking through at all.

Utter, utter rubbish. Anyone who thinks they can second-guess Google’s algorithm and thinks they are smart enough to work out a ratio of nofollow to normal links that is some special magic number that Google will approve of is seriously deluding themselves. The reason for getting nofollow links is if they might help you get direct traffic. They will do you absolutely no good whatsoever in terms of SEO.

More to the point, having any nofollow links is a clear indication to Google that you have almost certainly been link-building yourself, which is precisely what they don’t want. They couldn’t give a wet slap how many links to your own site you have seeded, because that tells them absolutely nothing about the quality or reputation of your site. They are only interested in what other people are saying, and those links are far less likely to be marked as nofollow. We’ve seen some pretty crazy ideas for SEO over the years but deliberately building links that Google is going to pay no attention to and that are going to do your link profile more harm than good has to be right out there.[/font]

Ok, thanks for your help.

The main area where nofollow is useful is for links that other people can add to your site where you have no control over what links they add. If the links they add are relevant then real people will follow them and then create their own links to the pages but if they are not relevant then real people will ignore them so you want the search engines to ignore them too.

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