Help with a nofollow link

Hi guys. I am in the process of trying to get backlinks to my site. I am searching the web for related sites for my keywords with a good page ranks. If one of these sites place a link to my site on there website using the nofollow attribute will this have no effect to my backlinking campaign?


Cheers JJ. So if I have to pay for a link on a site I better check this first. Is there a way of finding out if a site has nofollow link or a tool?

It depends what you want the link for. If the link gives you thousands of targeted visitors every month, is it so bad if it has nofollow on it?

One thing you need to consider is that the search engines want any paid links to be flagged as nofollow and may remove pages from their search results if they find out that the page contains purchased links that are not marked that way.

Hi Guys, As I am concern nofollow links are valuable or else google dont show those links in there webmaster central. nofollow links don’t pass link juice but it counts as a backlink.

Think like this way, a nofollow link from twitter or from microsoft… you will get domain authority value and the link with the Key phrase will get count.

No they don’t. Google drop nofollowed links from their link graph as if they don’t even exist. Physically the link exists so people can click on it but it has no search engine optimisation benefits at all on Google.

So are we now saying that nofollow attribute is classed as a backlink and is a good thing to have?

My 2 cents: nofollow links also have their place in a link building campaign so that your links will look more natural. You should try to keep a balance between no-do follow links.

Thanks for that webcreationuk

With do follow backlinks you can get some PR link juice. But how this PR link juice going to help your site promotion, you can improve PR thats all. So a no follow backlink or do follow backlink, can you get targeted traffic from that site, go for it.


A link with ‘nofollow’ attached to it does nothing in the main search engines. What it does is give people reading that page a direct link to your site, if they are sufficiently interested in it to click through.

Huh? Honestly, the stuff I read here gets crazier by the day :lol:

Google don’t give two hoots about your link building campaign. Google couldn’t care less about what SEO efforts you have made. All they care about is getting the best possible pages for any given search query. They won’t assume that you have done any SEO, they won’t assume that you have been on a link building campaign, they won’t assume that you have been scattering links to your website in your signature on blogs and forums across the web.

They certainly won’t penalise you for not having any nofollow links (which they ignore) - that would be totally perverse!

At the end of the day, you need to consider if the link your creating (follow or nofollow) will benefit the user and send qualified visitors to your website. If the answer is yes then it might be worth the effort required to acquire that link.

I run across SEO folks who seem to only care about PageRank and getting backlinks. Yes, that’s part of SEO but it’s neglecting the user experience which is counterproductive as far as Google is concerned.

While obtaining nofollow links will have no effect on the number of links that Google recognizes, it will have an effect on your backlinking campaign: you’ll have more users following backlinks to your website.

Do you think then that it’s impossible to have a suspicious looking backlink profile and trigger some kind of filter as a result?

Sure, but I don’t think it’s relevant here. If a lot of your backlinks are from link farms or other ‘bad neighbourhoods’, that’s going to trigger a flag. If a lot of your links come from sites that don’t seem to have any contextual relevance, that might sound alarm bells too. Some of those dubious link profiles may happen to be ones that have no “nofollow” backlinks … but it won’t be because they have no “nofollow” backlinks, it’s just a coincidence.

Or to put it another way - if your link profile does get you put in the sin bin, and it has no “nofollow” backlinks, adding some won’t help you, because you’re answering the wrong problem. It would be like trying to cure a migraine by putting a plaster on your big toe.