No-follow link roles

As I know, no-follow link tells Google not to follow the link from your page.
In this case, dose no-follow link still can play a part in increasing traffic? What are the detailed roles of no-follow link?
Expect for your help:) Thanks for advance;)

In order to prevent the link juice flow you can make use of no-follow. And also no-follow links in any popular site tends to brings traffic for your site. But all no-follow signals are not treated as same. Even no-follow links from some social media has influence in ranking

The nofollow link means precisely that – Google (and most other search engines) will just ignore the link and move on past it. You typically want to do this for one of three reasons:

[list][]a page on your site that you don’t want to be indexed (although there are better ways of achieving that)
]widgets and ‘action’ links that shouldn’t be indexed (for example, here on SPF the links for things like flagging posts are ‘nofollow’, because it wouldn’t make sense for Google to include them)
[*]links that you don’t want to vouch for and pass link juice to. Typically this is used for user-generated content, particularly forum signatures, so you don’t encourage spam.[/list]

It may get you a few clicks but it will not get you some juice you would want from a backlink.

If it’s no-follow, try to at least submit on a related niche.

Yes no-follow links doesn’t pass link juice and search engine specially Google ignores them(and not index), but Yahoo crawls no-follow links. When you check backlinks using yahoo site explorer then you can see links from the site where your link is no-follow.

But there is no relation between no-follow links and traffic because traffic generated by humans not by crawlers :lol:links from facebook and twitter are no-follow but helps in drawing traffic.

No follow links help in getting traffic like social media sites which gives traffic but don’t help in link juice. No follow help in traffic but don’t help in ranking of any keyword. For ranking you need to have good link juice for that you need do follow backlinks…

Yes no-follow links doesn’t pass link juice but through no-follow links also you will get traffic to your website or your blog.


Nofollow mainly has no influence on link juice. It is an HTML attribute value used to instruct some search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index.

The main benefit to use nofollow links is to reduce the effectiveness of certain types of search engine spam, thereby improving the quality of search engine results and preventing spamdexing from occurring.

Yes, no follow links are not indexed by Google, but they may help you in getting referral traffic. But they certainly won’t give you backlinking credit.

It still gives you traffic from the page linked to your site.

Hi, no follow links have good role on social media bookmarking and also on social media networking sites, because on these two ways you get traffic on your site but gain no follow backlinks.

Yeah no follow link doesn’t provide any link juice to Page Rank.But one should use variety of links.If you have lots of no-follow links, you tend to also have lots of followed links. So, that makes sense. No-follow links are valuable in a way that if you link to relevant sites then you get direct and targeted traffic from those links.