What is the use of getting links from no fallow websites

Hello friends i read that no fallow websites doesn’t pass their link juice to linking website, if it so what is the use of getting links from no fallow websites and if that no fallow website has high page rank, does that back link shows any impact on linking website, please explain me.

A nofollow link provides no SEO juice, but it’s still a link that people can follow and thereby find your site, so it’s not useless by any means. Links in this forum are nofollow, so they won’t give you any advantage in terms of search engines. However, real people who visit this forum will see your link and click on it if it looks interesting enough.

Based on its definition, no-fallow is a double-negative!

Sir, I find your humor uncultivated … but nevertheless, hail fallow, well met!

No follow link is no use but you can get traffic from there and helpful unique visitors visit your website,

What should be ratio of using do follow and no follow for site promotion?

Google still sees no follow links it just doesn’t follow them in my opinion. And puts them in her big brain. If your a spammer of said links then google knows ya?!

I think backlinks can do just as much harm as they have the possibility of helping these days. But untill google figures out a better way they are still one of googles PR ranking.

What about potential visitors who would visit your site from those links?

If you get link from no follow websites,then you can not get only back links and no link juice. If you done posting on Do- follow sites, you will get link as well as link juice,which helps to increase PR…

Sometimes no follow links matters a lot like wiki page where you don’t get do follow links but it counts a lot in your SERPs. And also you can get relevant traffic to your websites if you are participating in discussions in the discussions where your audience is already gathered.

Isn’t the whole point of no-follow that it doesn’t count toward your search ranking?

no follow is useless links but in other search engines it counts.

Nofollow links are the most valuable kind as they don’t have all the bots following them to slow down your site. The real people who do follow the nofollow links are what you are trying to actually get to your site.

Too many people get so caught up in attracting search engine bots to their site that real people will quickly leave because the site is aimed at the bots and is therefore meaningless for real people.

No follow backlinks definitely is important for SERPs. It is just that through no follow links we don’t get PR juice. So it can be that we have our website’s PR 0 but still we are pulling a lot of traffic from Google because those quality no follow links are helpful in SERPs.

It would be good if you could provide evidence for that, as I’m not convinced. Do you have it on any authority (say, from Google) that this is the case?

We all know that nofollow links will not pass any kind of Link Juice or Seo credit to the website.
But with consideration to what Google has said that we should have links of all types.
Nofollow link can also be prove fruitful if put in a website with high traffic which there by helps in increasing traffic to the website.