No-follow rules really followed for PR?

Is the rel=“nofollow” really adhered to all the time by search engines for PR?? Especially on wikipedia related links?

I see more than 4, but excellent suggestion. Consider it done[forums]=1&simpleform_submit_marker=searchinput

No follow links doesn’t pass and page rank to the link but instead it can give you traffic and good conversion rate if you got link on good site

Even if they do not contribute to PR, they definitely can bring visitors, increase exposure and so on, so better not to be left aside.

Noup, Matt Cutts clearly confirms that no follow links doesn’t help your PR and they don’t leach any link juice. They are kinda good for traffic, but banners beat them to it, so…

No follow suck :slight_smile:

Right but you will also have less comments in your blog as it won’t give any link juice to your regular visitors.

Only less comments by those who don’t know how the web works since the “web juice” from blog and forum posts is so small you would need a microscope to see it. You get more value from the real visitors who follow links in posts than you do from search engines even when the search engines can see the links.

Yes, but that’s only because the SEs actually ignore it.

Imagine if it existed but was followed just like any other link … spammers wouldn’t care & therefore link spam would still exist.

What else would the nofollow tag be for? They didn’t design it & advocate it’s usage simply to ignore it!!!

There have been about 4 threads very recently on nofollow and PR, perhaps the FORUM SEARCH function should be made more obvious…

True!!! Nofollow links really are not followed but Do-follow links contribute to PR.

Yes. No follow links really aren’t followed and do not contribute to PR, regardless of the site.

Certainly no follow attribute doesn’t pass any pagerank value to the links. But there are good chances to increase traffic to your link when placed in Wikipedia!

Well, 1 good thing I know about nofollow is it avoid spammers. If you have nofollow attribute on your site’s links, spammers will mostly ignore your site for they will get no link juice from it.