Niche links

ok so i need to build backlinks but i don’t know where to get started. i was told to find some “niche links” sites that are related to my keywords. my keywords is point of sale, point of sale chicago and pos system but i am not sure were to go. please advise!

Do a Google search on these keywords you will find sites related to these topics. Also search for forums related to your main theme. Then join those and start posting there.It should not be spam but relevant posts.

Next search for blogs in these category and you can visit those and make some relevant comments(absolutely no spam…they will delete yours).

Next step is ask a few of those website owners for link exchange. No need to focus too much on that.
Also if you have budget buy some advertising space in those websites.

Hope these will help you.

If you really don’t anything to get back links to your site. And u want keyword ranking with build back link for your site. Search in google (kyword + add url) and u will get more related to your business posted sites u can post your site in that (SUBMI SITE). And give the comments for blogs. Search in ( )

best thing to know your site niche is to search using your targeted kws… the results are your competitors which you can lurk and analyze…