Linkbuilding in very specific niches

Hi, how do you get links if you have a very small or specific niche. My example is that I have site about Global Management Challenge, which is a worldwide competition in strategic management. However there are only about 5 sites about it (most of them old without any activity) + organizers sites.

Since I´m selling some stuff about the competion (legal of course, some tools, etc.) I can´t expect that the organizer will promote me.

How would you try to get links in this case and rank better than 30 organizers´ local websites for the main keywords?

Trying to get it from sites about management is quite obvious here. But they are kinda not interested in the competition since they dont play it (it is for university students).

I would try creating an infographic about your industry and reaching out to niche sites. In your niche, I’d probably try to be less granular and move one level up - by this I mean I would pursue business-related websites. You can provide guest blog posts for them, run contests, or have a great infographic that they can link to.

Hmm, I dont think that the inforgraphic would be interesting for sites that are not related to the competition I´m talking about. However this is a great idea because maybe the organizer of the competition could be interested and would link to it. I actually have 2 sites and 1 is without products. So they might be ok with linking to that site.

Are there any tools to make infographic? I´m not really skilled in making those beautifully.

I would start by going to to check out some infographics - you should be able to contact the designers that way. You can browse as well and try to do the same. Elance and Odesk has talented designers, you just need to specify what you are looking for. If you do create an infographic, be sure to find relevant, interesting information that will make your audience say ‘wow’. Good luck!

Do you have any idea if there is a quality infographic making site? I see is creating a tool for that but isnt finished yet. I dont really have the resources to hire someone to make that for me. So Im looking for a Do it yourself solution.

You can try this site for tools:

and also go to Infographic world for ideas

Is this whole thread an excuse to drop a link to the infographic site? My shill antenna are twitching.

I’m not affiliated with those sites in any way and I apologize if I came off that way - just wanted to help :slight_smile:

I guess you must continue linking to your specific niche and SEO link building task. Since the competition of your keyword was not that tough, and your competitors are not that interested on it, you must get way of them by getting their position.

Not at all, I’m sorry, it just looked that way. You gave good advice.

One way of linking build in specific niche is to submit your website to Website Directories that relates to your niche. For example, if your website is about cadillac cars, submit your website directories that relates to cars. You will build alot of backlinks and targeted traffic that way.

Why don’t spend a few minutes to check this blog post?

I hope it will help you

Like many stated, if a niche is super micro, your only bet is to find adjacent markets, which could deal with your market. Link building isn’t always complete relevance. For instance, a movie blogger might reference his favorite restaurant to eat at before the show, and that link will count in the Search Engine’s algorithm. Relevancy and contextual links are always preferred but for small niches you shouldn’t pigeon hole yourself or you will come up short.