Nice work if you can get it

Just reading a story on the bbc about passport application app that doesn’t work on apple devices.

I got to this part of the page

‘The Home Office has also signed a £91m contract with French company Sopra Steria to set up computer terminals at 56 local libraries around the UK to help those without smartphones, or without the necessary digital skills, to apply to stay in the UK.’

um if my maths is correct that’s about £1.6m per computer!!!

I’m assuming they aren’t installing solid gold apple macs so i am hoping they are doing a little bit more than just installing 56 computers. Perhaps making free sandwiches for people whilst they are using the computers.


There is the possibility of installing more than one kiosk per location. Each location could get as many as three, or five. Unless the article specifically stated only one per location.

Just my two cents.


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true if they installed 5 terminals at each location that would make it a much more reasonable £320,000 per computer :wink:

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I assume this is a government project? (“The Home Office” looks like an official govt type organisation name.) If so, typical. At least from a US Govt perspective. After all, it was discovered decades ago that the USG was spending thousands of dollars per unit for things like hammers, toilet seats, etc.

And, besides! How else are the French going to afford their wine and baguette quotas??? :pleading_face:


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yeah unsuprisingly the british government. I am hoping there is more to the £91m contract than a few computers in a few libraries but who knows.

Also not sure why there was no one in the UK able to take on this contract especially as it is for our government and to do with our passport application process. I have nothing against the french ( i certainly enjoy skiing their Alps) but yeah it should keep them in bread for a while.

I imagine there is more to it than only the cost of the computers. The cost of safely running conduit alone could easily be significant if there is need to take apart walls and ceilings and rebuild them. Then there’s running supply cables (wifi ?). If acquiring easements is needed that might account for the majority of the expense.

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