My beloved iBook died

Well, I knew it was coming any day now, but it hummed along and it kept up with my demands. Then suddenly, three days ago, a wide gray band appeared at the top of the screen, it started to flicker and gray lines crossed over the screen. Then black. I forced it to start one more time, it chimed its last chime and went black. It was my first computer, I got it seven years ago.

I was prepared, I had everything backed up, I think I lost one illustration. So at least I do not have to wring my hands. I am calm, not much lost. And now I sit here typing on this old little Dell which I hate.

So now I will have the fun of getting a new machine, I know what I want and probably go for it. But I savor the decision making a little longer now.

A good warning to people who do not back up, this happended all within a blink of an eye. There was no hesitation or slowing down of this little machine before. The logic board had given up.

I dislike shiny things. Your table wears the patina well. Must be amazing to draw on that table.

Alright, I have taken a picture to show you where I sit in my studio. The painting table is the perfect size for this baby :smiley:



Thanks Mizzy :slight_smile:

I am not a good typer, 4 fingers. I learned it way back but lost it. Now I am just clacking along, it works well enough though. I also have to look at the keyboard.

As I got older the requirement for light went up, especially for reading something.

I agree, I do not like shiny and glitzy things as a general rule. I love glass though, shiny and clear and the kind like the Venetian glass with gold shot through. But surfaces in a living space must be dulled, honed, scuffed. I love what I call the barefoot style.

At first I was really hesitant with this computer because of the slick surface, but it turned out to be really wonderful. The clarity is so amazing.

Yes, working on this table is fun. Now I mainly paint the silk there. When it was shiny it had a great advantage in painting with the dyes: they would clean up easily. Now I have to scrub and Clorox it to keep it clean and remove the dyes. I have a pile of these white sheets in various sizes to use under the silk on my other table.

In general this room, my studio, is very pleasant to be in. It is packed with all the art stuff and being in there is cool, it is facing north, so I have only bright light in the late afternoon when it reflects into the trees outside.

Yes, I have been drawing in there for 3 decades now. This table is actually several tables stacked, with things to pull out from under it, like my large sheets of tissue that I need to roll up the silk into to go into the steamer to set the dyes.

I always loved big tables. I grew up with a huge wooden table in the kitchen, the meeting place for all things to do. It was also nicely used and had a good history to tell.

Datura, that looks great - really comfortable and lots of space! I love the lighting it’s got a pinkish/soft glow/tinge to it, quite interesting! I see you have the lamp tilted onto your keyboard on the right - I also find it difficult to see the keys even when the overhead light is on! Not that I look at the keys much, but sometimes I’d like to see :lol: Good idea :tup:

Thanks for sharing and taking the time to show us :smiley: envy!

That’s a nice keyboard and mouse setup indeed. I looove my Apple keyboard but if I had to choose another, it would be Logitech DiNovo. :slight_smile:

Very nice choice, the 27" iMac. Was actually considering it myself when I was buying a new one a few weeks ago. It was either a 27" iMac or a 15" MacBook Pro. I ended up buying a Mac Pro with an Apple Cinema Display. Got a good and quick deal on an early version which I’m now taking good care of.

Lovely computer, Mac is the best.

While I quite like my 23" Apple Cinema and secondary 22" Samsung, the 27" screen on your iMac is so awesome, you’ll have a good time with that one. The sharpness is unbelievable. And I read you’re a Wacom fan too, it’s a fantastic combo. I have an Intous A6 since I use it a lot as my pointer device of choice—perfect size for all-round use.

Looking forward to photos of your setup. :wink:


Yea, I am adding to the stuff now, I am reading and discovering. The mouse is so unbelievable, and to think that I had these hesitations before. The design of the mouse is smooth, and it functions almost like a pad. The scrolling is so smooth and easily goes from side to side as well.

The real estate on this machine makes me swoon. And it is so fast in comparison to what I had before.

I am testing how to sit on this now. The worktable is higher than normal tables because I stand when I work on the silks. So I have to sit high too. I am trying out heights with boxes, tables, plant stands just to get a feel to where I need to be.

A nice thing is when I sit so high the keyboard and the mouse can be on the same surface as the machine itself. The screen is tall, but so am I, so when I look at it there is no strain on the neck as I have heard form others.

I will also be able to finally utilize my Wacom tablet because I have the space. All around a positive experience so far.

Wow I’m jealous with you… you just made me think to buy one for me… :slight_smile:

:musicman: yay! Can’t wait to see the pics Datura! :smiley: I’m excited for you lol


we’ve got almost the same setup, except that I only have one ACD and no secondary monitor. I use my black Macbook if I need more screen real estate.

Oh, and I don’t use Apple’s mice or keyboard. While I have them, I prefer using the Logitech DiNovo keyboard along with MX Revolution. And I also use a Wacom Intuous 3 A4.

Thank you Hazel. Whooot. It is so great that I also have a new and larger space where I sit now. I actually used my large painting table, so there is plenty space around it.

When I paint I will just move it off to the side.

I am thrilled :smiley:

Yes. Nice setup :slight_smile:

A man, the size is just awesome and the clarity/sharpness. I will post my pictures after I have all the stuff installed so I can process them.

My husband has the 20" G5 and there is a marked difference. He is now waiting for the 30" and for now jealously eyeing mine :smiley:

Thanks Maleika :smiley:

The way I have it set up there is no bother with the gloss at all. I love the clarity that happens because of the gloss. Photos look spectacular. I face a north window now and have it semi dark behind me, so it is really wonderful.

I have never worked with a mouse before, but I felt right at home with this one.

Congrats on your purchase, Ulrike!

Personally, I prefer the Mac Pro, but the iMacs are certainly nothing short of fantastic.

How do you like the glossy screen? I still use the older Apple Cinema Displays with a matte screen. Just a slight preference I have over the glossy ones, though things do look crisper with those. :smiley:

Oh wow. I got it and did my first steps. Nothing is set up yet, but browsing I can.

What a magnificent machine. I am in awe. Pictures will come later, I have to install PS first and all the other stuff.

The keyboard is a dream, quiet and of course wireless, so I can move about. The mouse is just molded to my hand.

So, for now that is it :smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile:

The surface is great, it used to be shiny but I wore it down with all the chemicals and scrubbing. It has a nice patina now.

Sweet setup. I love the table.

Sure it can still happen. You were lucky Ken.

My husband always had one of those UPS things for his machines, but I could not have it in the space where I was. I will change my whole arrangement, so now it is possible.

I am very excited about all of this. It was getting hard with the little old iBook, as much as I loved it.

I now learned the basics of coding and will continue to learn so I can work over our outdated sites, this new big screen and all the possibilities with the new OS and so on will be great :slight_smile: Besides, I enjoy having this beauty sitting here.