This is my next computer when I win the lottery

What more could anyone want than dual 55 inch monitors and 512 GB SSD or should I go for the Colossus with the single 86 inch monitor… decisions, decisions!

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Interesting. I can see this sort of thing being great for museum exhibits and that sort of thing, but I’m curious as to what other kind of uses something like this can be put to.

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I will wait to see the laptop version :smiley:


I can’t see it being used for work in its current form. It would need to be angled, preferably adjustable (height too) for better ergonomics if you spent any time on it.
For a workstation, I think I would have it as a curved wrap around thing so you sit or stand in the middle.

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Sorry John, but mine will top yours. It’ll be 72p, but what the heck, at least I’ll still be able to message you all.


Not mine so don’t take it literally. Got it off Google.


Next level would be holographic interfaces, and they shouldn’t be that far away.

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It looks awesome! And I’d try it, but I’m not sure this is a computer of my dream. I prefer more compact stuff :slight_smile:

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It reminds me of the computer interfaces in Star Trek (TNG, DS9 & Voyager)


looks like something out of star trek, i´ll take 2 please hehe

you can get guide from Google.

I’m waiting for those quantum computer to get out already :slight_smile:

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