Dissertation Survey Participants Needed


Sorry if this is random but it seemed like a good place to promote my survey. basically my name is Andrew and I’m currently undertaking my dissertation, entitlement how networking technologies are percieved by the public vs actual performance, to achieve my BSC in Computing however for this I need 100 - 200 UK citizens to participate in a survey.

The survey takes only 5 minutes and asks for your perception of networking technologies based on factors such as speed, reliability and coverage and attempts to discover where this knowledge emanates from.

If you have a spare 5 minutes please please please take part, its getting really hard to find participants and I need responses. Its available here: http://eSurv.org?s=LIMEJK_680ca1d0

Many thanks

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Ha, good luck with this. I’ve filled it out. Hopefully you’ll get some useful replies. :slight_smile:

With UK citizens… you mean UK citizens living in UK? Or outside UK?

@ralphm didn’t know that you were a UK citizen :stuck_out_tongue:

O well, I’m a UK citizen anyway (albeit not a resident).

I’m a UK citizen (however unwillingly ), so I’ve completed it, too.

Thans for completing the survey guys, my numbers have been boosted by 17 so far, still need around 50-150 participants but this is a huge boost.

I did mean UK residents because of variations in dominant technologies and different speed and coverage statistics but your input is valued anyway and although non-uk residents will not be considered for the research element of my dissertation, responses provided by non-uk residents will be utilized under a different section concerned with the international differences.

Thanks again guys.

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