Newsletter Activation not being sent?


Yesterday i tried to subscribe to the SitePoint Newsletter, infact the following ones:

SitePoint Tribune | SitePoint Tech Times | SitePoint Design View | SitePoint Community Crier

Now when i entered my email address and choose to receive in HTML format at this link:

SitePoint Newsletters

It said i have successfully been subscribed etc. I checked my email about 30 minutes after and did not get any email to activate subscription.

I then left it a few hours and tried to subscribe again. Again it said something along the lines of “you have successfully been subscribed” please check your email within next few minutes etc.

I thought it was strange because it allowed me to subscribe a second time using same email that i used when i tried first time around. I would have expected it to say something like “you are already subscribed”.

Either way i have tried 3 times now and never get my email. I have spam filters turned off as i never use them anyway and my email address works fine as i am sending/receiving email without problems.

I do remember back i think last year that i did subscribe to sitepoint newsletters but i am sure i unsubsribed, and yesterday wanted to re-subscribe.

Does anyone know if there is a problem with the newsletter signup?


Are you getting other emails from SitePoint ok, ie new PM notification emails, subscribed thread new post notifications, etc?


Yes i am getting those immediately.



Tried again and still nothing. Do you know if they are having technical problems ?

The email address i used to signup on this forum is the email address i am using to signup to newsletter, maybe you can give that to technical department to see if they can find it. Won’t post here but i guess you will be able to see my email address being a Advisor.

I am receiving all other emails and forum emails just not the newsletter confirmation email.


PHPLOVER, I’ve asked Hawk (the Forum Administrator) to flag it up with the relevant person at SP HQ.

Ok thank you.

I’ll look into it and flick you an email. Sorry for the hassle.

Easily solved. You were on our Global Do Not Email list, which means that you unsubsrcibed (perhaps accidentally) to our emails at some point. All good though. I’ve sorted it out and you should now be good to go. :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Much appreciated!