Sitepoint offer emails

How many Sitepoint email lists are there? I keep unsubscribing but still keep getting them.

Is there anyway to see what lists I am on?

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I don’t know exactly, but have you checked the settings in your Premium account?
Even if you didn’t (think you) have one, since SSO came in your forum account is linked to that though it has its own settings.

Thanks Sam, I did not know I had a premium account.

While you were posting I found a message on my profile page about “We’ve made some exciting changes to SitePoint accounts. Some profile details are now managed through the SitePoint profile page.”

The changes may be the reason I have started receiving emails again. I unsubscribed from one yesterday and one again today.

I will have to see how it goes now.

I am also having the same issue. Though I unsubscribed them but still getting emails.

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