Newbie - Designing website headers


I’m trying to not buy Photshop or any graphics editting software if I can help it (for my PC which uses Microsoft XP) - Photoshop looks reall good when I view some of the YouTube tutorial on though…

Would anyone know of any decent free software where you can create yourself a really decent header for a web-site. In particular I’d like to be able to move shadows, fade especially to do with the Text.

Can anyone help.

Thank you

ps. I’ve found a free download from - is this any good ?

If you Google “free Photoshop alternatives” you’ll get some good results.

But you can also do a lot of this with CSS itself, especially CSS3, with is gaining cross-browser support. You can do drop shadows, transparency etc.

thank Ralf - would you also know of a Sitepoint book that teaches about creating shadows
Thanks again

A new book on CSS3 and HTML5 has just been published which mentions it, and there’s also the [URL=“”]Photoshop Antology (may not be what you want, though!)

If you are looking for a free bitmap graphic program (like Photoshop) the alternative is GIMP however it is hard to master AFAIK .