New website

Hello, i have just opened a new online game site. I was wondering where the best place is to advertise for free at this stage?

I have added my site to search engines, i was wondering if there are any other sites i can add too, which will bring me more users.

Promote your website on gamers forums. It is only thing how you can attract more users by free.

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And by promote, that doesn’t mean spam. Simply join in with the gaming community with the link in your sig and post good quality content, you will get more clicks.

Posting useless dribble in an attempt to get people to follow a link never works - and it’s usually deleted within minutes on Sitepoint. I’m sure other forums have equally hard working staff members.

Find some other free games site and ask for links exchange. You will get some traffic and PR.

I would write an articles or press release to start, and I think traffic will come your way

I could not agree more. The more active forums, where the moderators are ACTUALLY actively participating and on top of things WILL eliminate your link or your entire post for that matter.

Although writing articles is a GREAT way to promote any site I am not sure if it will be as effective for a game site. Unless of course you are reviewing a game.

I would recommend using social network sites. Because of the fact that most who join social networks do so for fun, and games are for fun. So this would probably be your best option.

I also recommend that. You can also add your site to bookmarks sites (like deliciouse and similars), news sites like digg, redit etc.

About the links exchange- you can also run a few blogs, add a few valuable content about gaming and add links to your sites. Id does wonders for SEO, and if the content is good it can also bring you a lot of traffic.:cool: