Market a games website

Hi everyone,

My site ranks on Page 10… How much do you think it would be worth if it ranks that high for the huge term free online games?

Now I know something is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for… But just for research purposes…

Thanks for your help.

I think your site could boost traffic more mambojambo if it has a better ranking in google, Why not try to market your gaming sites at gaming forum,twitter something related to that?

try to market your site in game forums, comments on game blogs…

Seriocomic, thank you for your constructive criticism.

I’m not focusing on just 1 keyword, from my domain you will know I’m targeting 3-4 mega keywords from which free online games is the largest phrase cording to Wordtracker.

There used to be a advertise your services section on Sitepoint long time ago, is it not available anymore??

Zukario, I’ve started doing forum & blog promotion but to rank for those kinds of keywords, you would need huge anchor text backlinks… Any tips?

I shake my head at people focusing on ‘1 keyword’. Have you heard of the ‘long tail’? Do you know how search results are different for almost everybody now, and that depending on where you are and your search history, that that ‘1 keyword’ will return different results? Do you have a less than 20% bounce rate for that ‘1 keyword’? Is your CTR above 5% for that ‘1 keyword’? Does that ‘1 keyword’ convert?

If a client came to me asking me to rank his ‘site’ for ‘1 keyword’, I wouldn’t take on the client.

Additionally - this forum isn’t used for solicitation of services - it’s for knowledge sharing and problem solving.