How to Promote a Gaming website

How to Promote a Gaming website

my website is build in wordpress i need to promote google search engine.

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The same way you are promoting any other site: by SEO, PPC, blogs and social networks concentrating on your target audience, trying to reach it in different groups, pages and communities

social media like facebook,twitter,pinterest and now Google+ will be the best to promote your site

There are already countless threads in the forum about site promotion in general.

Please post replies specifically dealing with promoting online gaming

Promoting an online gaming website should be placed on a related category in directory listing and social bookmarking site submission that are related to online gaming.

One of the best things to do is to conduct a content marketing campaign. Every gamers have different tastes when it comes to games. That’s why it is a good idea to make contents based on the category of the game and them find where your targeted visitors hang out.

Mostly, gamers can be found in forums and other community gaming sites. The approach of the content should be different. Remember that a gamer will not waste his time reading a pure-text contents. Make sure to diversify them in adding videos, images, or make different content separately.

It would be nice if you can share with us what kind of gaming website you have. Depending on your site’s nature, we might be able to give you a more specific set of tips or guidelines.

Yes, @anandm2710; if you would like more than general answers and have your site reviewed Please read Read before requesting a review. and submit a Review request.

Just focus on RELEVANT Blog Commenting and Forum Discussion for link building techniques. I think, SEO is not just enough for your site, you must try Adwords too cause your site is about gaming not generic. Don’t make common mistakes while doing seo of WP site like ignoring canonical URL’s, Poor Tagging and categorization, not using XML Sitemaps, etc.

I hope these things can make sense to optimize your gaming site.

Thanks everyone.

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