New popup Window show url below the title bar in IE

Hi to all

In IE when i open a new popup window url are shown below the title bar like the address bar .

For new window i am using,‘Title’…etc);

Can we remove that url bar From new window in IE.

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No you cannot for security reasons.

If you want to have full control over something like a popup it might be best to use JS to display a popup within the page - essentially an absolutely positioned div.

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I have some other issue which seem to security reasons.i need some authentic answer wich i give to client if these points are not possible

1- When i open popup window Title bar show the url and the Title .Can we remove the url portion and just show the Title in Title bar.

2-I have a link e.g <a href=“”>Click Me</a>

I want to open a popup window on clicking this link so i need onclick event of javascript so in href i give the href="#" .When i mouse over the link i want to the status bar show some url like

It can be done by giving in href but when u click new window open and the parent page also submit
2nd problem is with FF .I more thing FF has option to change status bar it is by default disable.but i cant tell the client to enable this option and then see the status bar .Can we enable the option of FF through Javascript.

Thanks in advance

The popup title cannot be changed for security reasons. It is something which is defined by the browser. Just tell the client that it is simply not possible.

  • If the client insists upon it then you could, like I said before, create a DIV which can act like a popup. It’s just a case of making that div visible ‘onclick’…

In answer to your other question you SHOULD fill in the href for those users without JS. Under the onclick event you should return false so that the page does not navigate so:

onclick="popup();return false;"