Hide location bar

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i want to hide the location bar in popup window is there any way??? pls help me here is the code i am using it…


Thanks in advance…

toolbar=no,scrollbars=no,directories=no, statusbar=no,menubar=no,resizable=no,width=680,height=370

That’s what I use.

it displays location bar … i want hide the location bar…

It’s not possible to hide the location bar in todays browsers. It’s something to do with protecting users from fake sites that pretend to be other ones.

The usual approach, these days, is to create a highly styled, absolutely positioned div which simulates a popup window. This also avoids popup blockers, as well.

Disclaimer: popups are sick, sick, sick.

There is no software for hiding the location bar. All web browsers hold the security of the end-user’s as a greater interest.

The only way to show content in a popup window without a location bar is to roll your own fake popup window, often called a modal dialog box.

hello friends ,
apart from this thread i have one doubt please clarify me. is any way to maximize browser window in IE7 . please help me its very urgent…

A possible solution from http://www.battot.com/MAG/Post.aspx?PostID=48 is:

if (document.all) {
} else if (document.layers || document.getElementById) { 
    if (top.window.outerHeight < screen.availHeight || top.window.outerWidth < 
screen.availWidth) {
        top.window.outerHeight = top.screen.availHeight; 
        top.window.outerWidth = top.screen.availWidth;

Thanks for ur valuable reply… but i need to also change title bar maximise to restore but it stil in maximise button so i feel uncomfortable so please give me better solution…

I doubt that you will find a better solution because the web browser doesn’t allow you to control the maximize parts of the window.

The browser isn’t a part of your web page so it is fully under your visitor’s control. If they want your page opening in a separate tab rather than a new window or even in the same tab then there is nothing you can do about it as their choice overrides your suggestion.

if you run this code in IE6 or FF it automatically maximize the window and also change maximize to restore button thats why i asked this question is there possible to change maximize to restore button in IE7? and also i have one doubt is there available in javascript to window.maximize function? please help me…



No it is not possible. IE7 has toughened up on that sort of behaviour. It can’t be done now. This is why it works in IE6, but not in IE7. You cannot use javascript to maximise the IE7 window.

Thanks for ur reply is there function window.maximize() in javascript?

Mozilla’s Window Reference page has a link for the maximize method, but the page for it is empty.

The Javascript Kit reference page on the window object shows the available events, properties, and methods. There is no mention of maximize.

Microsoft’s very own web page about jscript’s window object doesn’t even show the maximize method.

The window object does not have a maximize method. I know that you want there to be one, but wishful thinking does not change this kind of thing. There is no ability to maximize IE7 windows with javascript. Learn from it, deal with it, and move on.

Thank for ur valuable cooperation… if you dont mind may i know country ?

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Yes indeed, I live in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I haven’t dealt much with ActiveX, but there is a faint hope that you may be able to maximize the IE7 window by using ActiveX. If that’s the case then forums about ActiveX would be able to confirm or not.

Ok , Thank You for all