New window without address bar

I want to open a new window without address bar in IE7 or IE8.
Below is the code I used .It worked in FF but not in IE. any idea how to do that

var width=300;
var height=200;
var from_top=350;
var from_left=500;
var toolbar='no';
var location='no';
var directories='no';
var status='no';
var menubar='no';
var scrollbars='yes';
var resizable='yes';
var atts='width='+width+'show,height='+height+',top='+from_top+',screenY=';
atts+= from_top+',left='+from_left+',screenX='+from_left+',toolbar='+toolbar;
var url = "/ems/ezrf_get_details.html?op_type="+key+"&title="+title +"#";,‘win_name’,s atts);

Agreed, it’s worth stating the reason for this though… it’s done to prevent fraudulent sites from fooling users (if they can see the address bar they can see where their actually located and if it’s secure). All of the major browsers showcase the address bar and you will be unable to turn it off. :slight_smile:

Modern browsers do not allow the address bar to be turned off. There must be something wrong with your Firefox security settings if it is allowing it.

Another option would be to use a lightbox style window which opens the page up in an iframe on the page within a containing div. Although then you will not have native back/forward functionality.

You can change your browser settings to allow web pages to remove the address bar so that spoof web sites can con you out of all your passwords but you can’t make anyone else change the security settings of their browser.

Thanks Stephen J Chapman for coming in for the answer. Yes even In FF it is not possible. We can manually remove it but not during the window. open()