Title bar on new window disappear

hi all, taking on updating a suspect website with a local business I work for done in frames all nested crazy crap. Outsourcing a revamp soon but for now have to work with it. Opening a photo into a new window using below code. The photo is sized to 800 x 533. My boss doesn’t like that theres a bar on the top that shows the filename and the size of the image in pixels.

<a href=“before_after/large/beforeafter03.jpg” onclick=“NewWindow(this.href,‘name’,‘800’,‘533’,‘yes’);return false”>
<img border=“0” src=“before_after/thumbnails/beforeafter03.jpg” width=“75” height=“50”></a>

hopefully I can make some sort of improvement on this wreck of a site by making the above monumental improvement. By removing the Bar so it’s all image that shows.


[font=verdana]It isn’t possible to remove the title bar – for one thing, if you did that then how would you close the window? The close button lives in the title bar!

Fortunately, there is a relatively easy solution. Instead of linking to the image itself, create a very basic HTML page that just calls up the image, and then you can open a page in the new window, meaning that you can set a <title> element to appear in the title bar.

But yes, the sooner you can get that 1990s junk in the bin and move on to something worthy of the 21st century, the better :lol:[/font]

aha! this is what I have been doing all along with this website, creating new html pages and putting content onto the pages. I thought I could be clever and avoid having to do it again for this. But there is no such luck! Make a whole new page to show a different image in a pop up window with nothing else visible. totes clunky.
I showed your reply to my boss and it helped convince her about getting the new website up and running.

[font=verdana]That’s why the majority of sites now either just allow the user to load the image within the current window/tab or use a lightbox to display it, rather than opening a new window … good luck with the boss!

The other thing that you might be able to do is, instead of creating a separate page for each image, you could have some sort of PHP setup so that you could give a link to, eg, website.com/imagepage.php?image=cats001.jpg, so you would only need to create imagepage.php once and then just have it parse the URL and call up the appropriate image. (I make it sound easy … I assume it’s easy but I’ve never really delved that deep into PHP).[/font]