New google analytics interface, anyone else not liking it?

Having a hard time moving around it like i used to. I am all for progress and redesign, but this is a drastic change.

Anyone know how to export the summary PDF like you could with the old interface? It seems it only exports whatever screen you are on at a given time. So frustrating!!

I’m not a huge fan of it yet either, but i’ve had some luck adding items i want in the pdf to my dashboard and then exporting that.

I don’t like it either. Too complexity makes it confusing for most of the time. Hard to find what you want, not to mention that its data is quite inaccurate.

I don’t like to be not provider option on analytic… Becouse we don’t have promoted website for proper keyword. I have some more visite for not provider keyword i mean to say not provider option… So i can’t do work for proper becoz we don’t have idea about not provider options. Why use google analytic this option and “any one can we suggest me about not provider option how to see that my visit keyword…?”

Your question isn’t worded in a comprehensible manner but if you’re wondering about “not provided” keywords, Google no longer shared referrer data on organic searches that are done over https {secure} connections. This is not something you can stop, change, opt out of or otherwise get around with another analytics tool… the change is in the referral data, not your analytics.

You can however see search trends to your site [not correlated to individual visitors] via webmaster tools