Need to recover ( not provided data ) from Google Analytics

Dear Experts,

I have over 50% of the keywords coming into Google Analytic’s showing “not provided” as the keyword that I need. My Project manager asked me to find out the solution and implement it within two days to fetch the data for not provided keywords in GA…

And, he also suggested me to refer this link to fix the problem http: //searchenginewatch. com/article/2158540/Recovering-Not-Provided-Keyword-Data

I analyzed that page but I did not understand anything. So, anyone please teach me that how to recover the data from “not provided” keywords … That will be very much useful for me…

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[FONT=verdana]Kanna, the article you referenced suggests a possible way to use Google Webmaster Tools to compensate for the “not provided” figure in Google Analytics. I emphasised “possible” because the author says that it is just a hypothesis, and that it “needs experimenting”. In other words, it would be unwise to rely on it.

The simple fact is that no tool can tell you which keywords were used in the “not provided” cases. This is not a question of “recovering” the “missing data”. The keyword are simply not available. That’s what “not provided” means. The only thing you can do is to make a more-or-less approximate guess, based on, for example, the overall traffic you get for a given keyword. That’s what the article proposes.

You say you don’t understand the method proposed in the article, and you want someone to teach you how to “recover” the data. I agree the proposed method is complicated, but what exactly are you asking us? Do you want someone in effect to rewrite the article in simpler language for you? I think that’s asking a lot.

I suggest you try to persuade your project manager not to focus on the “not provided” data in GA, but instead to use the data that does exist, both in that tool and in GWM.



Great… Thanks for your valuable reply… Am not asking about to rewrite that article for simple language for me… I just need to recover that “not provided data” in some other way if any experts known here…

I too think about the same to convince my PM, not to focus more on “not provided” keyword data…!

And, Do u know what are the reasons for showing not provided keyword in our Analytic’s?? Please let me know the reason, I am curious to know that…!

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As far as I know, the reason for not showing those keywords is one of privacy. When a searcher is logged into a Google account, that person can be identified to Google. When that person does a Google search, Google does not pass his or her search terms on to third parties, so as not to compromise their privacy. The third parties include you and me, using Google Analytics.

At least, that’s the story that Google tells. Whether or not it really is an effective safeguard against loss or privacy, I’ll leave it to others to discuss.