Problem with Google Analytics

Hi,I am Facing the problem with Google Analytics “not provided” Keywords.Kindly give me your suggestions.Thanks in Advance…

Hi haritha g and welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

Can you explain more clearly what it is you’re asking? Google stopped showing the search terms for logged-in Google users nearly three years ago. What sort of suggestions are you looking for?


Thanks for your reply…For my website in Google analytics keyword is showing like “not provided”.in Organic search…How i will get the information for which particular keywords users had visit my site?

You can find some information from other sources, such as Webmaster Tools and AWStats (which is available on most cPanel accounts, I think).

You might find this article helpful:

Thanks for your reply…I will Read that article…

Another work-around to “not provided” is too look at the pages with the highest traffic rates and extract the keywords for those pages.

Wouldn’t “not provided” suggest that those pages were accessed via a direct link instead of though a search results page?

As far i know that Not provided means Google keeps privacy for the particular keywords (May be Particular third party software or bots).

As far as I know that who are searching from secure Google connections would not want their searches to be passed to the destination site.

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